10 Most Populous States in India

Uttar Pradesh

The Most Populous Uttar Pradesh has a population of 199,812,341, which is 16.51% of India's total population.


Commercial Powerhouse With 112,374,333 people, Maharashtra is India's second most populous state and a commercial hub.


Bihar's population of 104,099,452 accounts for 8.6% of India's total, with a high density.

West Bengal 

West Bengal, with 91,276,115 people, is known for its rich cultural heritage and diversity.

Madhya Pradesh  

Madhya Pradesh, with a population of 72,626,809, is the fifth most populous state and the second-largest by area.

Tamil Nadu 

Tamil Nadu, with 72,147,030 people, is an industrial powerhouse and a major contributor to India's economy.


Rajasthan, with a population of 68,548,437, is renowned for its royal heritage and vibrant culture.


Karnataka, with 61,095,297 people, is the hub of India's IT industry and the "Silicon Valley of India."


Gujarat, with a population of 60,439,692, is known for its entrepreneurial spirit and economic dynamism.

Andhra Pradesh 

Andhra Pradesh, with a population of 49,677,103, is known for its rich cultural heritage and architectural marvels.