Largest country  in the world  (by population)

1.India(1.4 billions) Close second, rapidly growing, culturally rich, tech-savvy population.

2.China (1.4 billions) World's most populous country, diverse landscapes, ancient history.

3.U.S.A (341million) Diverse, global power, advanced economy, cultural influence.

4.Indonesia(280million) Largest archipelago, diverse cultures, significant Muslim population.

5.Pakistan(245 million ) Growing population, strategic location, cultural and historical depth.

6.Nigeria (223 million) Africa's most populous, diverse cultures, economic potential, oil-rich.

7.Brazil ( 213 million) Largest South American country, rainforests, diverse ecosystems, football.

8.Bangladesh(172 million) Dense population, riverine country, garment industry, cultural heritage.

9.Russia(144million) Largest by area, resource-rich, vast landscapes, global power.

10.Mexico(128million) Rich history, vibrant culture, significant economic player, tourism.