Vanishing Waters: The Tale of India's Lost Rivers.

Saraswati River: Saraswati River, an ancient and revered waterway, vanished due to climatic shifts and geological changes,.

Tansa River : Once a flowing river, Tansa has largely been absorbed into Mumbai's urban landscape.

Adyar River : Similar to the Cooum, the Adyar River has also suffered due to urban expansion

Musi River : The Musi River has become heavily polluted and encroached upon by urban development.

Bharalu River: A tributary of the Brahmaputra in Guwahati,  faces severe pollution and threatening its ecological balance.  .

Bahini River: The Bahini River, suffers from pollution and urban encroachment, leading to environmental degradation.  

Varuna River : River, flowing by Varanasi, faces pollution and neglect, diminishing its historical significance and ecological health.