Most Expensive Woods of the World

African Blackwood

Derived from slow-growing trees in Africa, famed for its density and deep, dark hues.


Valued for its enduring fragrance, sandalwood is a jewel in perfumes and decorative crafts.


Agarwood, the 'Wood of the Gods,' offers an unmatched aroma from Southeast Asia's forests.

Lignum Vitae 

The world's hardest wood, Lignum Vitae is prized for its strength and oil content.

Pink Ivory Wood 

With its stunning pink hues, Pink Ivory is sought after for luxurious items and crafts.


Bubinga delights with its rich colors and versatility, perfect for exquisite furniture and inlays.


Known for its durability and striking purple color, ideal for flooring and boat building.


Ebony stands out for its deep, black wood, a symbol of sophistication in small inlays.