Rivers in India: Country's Lifelines

Ganges : India's most sacred river, crucial for its cultural significance and as a water source.

Brahmaputra : A major Himalayan river, known for its strong currents and flooding, vital for agriculture.

Yamuna : A key tributary of the Ganges, significant for irrigation and religious practices.

Godavari : Often referred to as the "Dakshina Ganga," it is a vital source of irrigation and hydroelectric power.

Krishna : Originates in the Western Ghats, supporting agriculture and hydroelectricity in its basin.

Narmada : Flows through a rift valley, providing water for irrigation and hydroelectric power.

Mahanadi : Supports agriculture and hydroelectricity, known for the Hirakud Dam, one of the world's longest earthen dams.

Kaveri : A crucial river for agriculture in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, often in water dispute discussions.

Tapti : Flows westwards into the Arabian Sea, supporting agriculture along its course.