Top 10 Most Dangerous Roads of the World

Stelvio Pass, Italy

Zigzag through the Alps on a road with 48 hairpin turns and breathtaking views.

Sichuan-Tibet Highway, China 

Traverse majestic peaks and face landslides on this challenging 15-day journey to Lhasa.

Atlantic Road, Norway 

Drive where sea meets sky, braving storms on the bridge to nowhere.

Zojila Pass, India 

Navigate treacherous drops and narrow paths linking Ladakh to Kashmir, a high-altitude challenge.

Siberian Road to Yakutsk, Russia 

Face extreme cold and mud on the only route to Yakutsk, a survival test.

North Yungas Road, Bolivia 

Risk falling thousands of feet on the once-deadliest road, now a thrill for cyclists.

Skippers Canyon Road, New Zealand  

Carve through historic mining routes on this narrow, scenic, and insurance-challenging drive.

Fairy Meadows Road, Pakistan

 Gravel and gravity test your nerve on this beautiful but barrier-free mountain track.

Keylong Kishtwar Road, India 

Experience breathtaking views and vertical drops on a road where conditions dictate caution.

Bayburt D915, Turkey 

Conquer 29 hairpin bends with no barriers on the world's most dangerous road.