Top 10 shortest wars of the world

The Armeno-Georgian War - 24 Days

1918 conflict over territory, ended by Allied intervention. Georgia and Armenia equally divided Lori.

The Norman Conquest - 16 Days

William the Conqueror defeats Harold Godwinson in 1066, swiftly claiming the English crown.

The Serbo-Bulgarian War - 14 Days

1885 dispute over unification, ended with Bulgaria's victory and international recognition against Serbia.

The Indo-Pakistani War - 13 Days

1971 conflict leading to Bangladesh's independence. India's quick military action forced Pakistan to surrender.

The Ten-Day War - 10 Days

Slovenia's 1991 independence from Yugoslavia sparked conflict, quickly resolved by the Brioni Accords.

The War of the Stray Dog - 10 Days

1925, a minor border incident between Greece and Bulgaria escalates, quickly resolved by the League of Nations.

The Six-Day War - 6 Days

Israel's 1967 decisive victory over neighboring Arab countries, significantly altering Middle East borders.

The Russo-Georgian War - 5 Days 

 2008 conflict over South Ossetia, ended by French-brokered ceasefire. Highlighted tensions in post-Soviet space.

The Football War - 100 Hours

1969, El Salvador and Honduras clash over a football match, ending with a ceasefire.

The Anglo-Zanzibar War - 38 Minutes

The shortest recorded war in 1896, British forces quickly overpower Khalid bin Barghash's resistance.