Cyclone Nivar 2020: A Overview for UPSC Aspirants

Cyclone Nivar Overview

A severe storm hitting Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh in November 2020, causing extensive damages.

Formation and Intensity 

Originated from a low-pressure area, escalating to a severe cyclonic storm by November 24.

Landfall Impact

Made landfall near Puducherry, with winds up to 120 kmph, causing heavy rainfall and damages.

Naming and Significance

Named 'Nivar' by Iran, following World Meteorological Organization guidelines for easy identification.

Affected Areas  

Significantly impacted Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and Puducherry with heavy rainfall and flooding.

Economic Loss

Estimated damages around $600 million, affecting crops, infrastructure, and leading to power outages.

Early Warning System 

Indian Meteorological Department's efficient warning system helped in mitigating the cyclone's impact.

Climate Change Reminder

Nivar serves as a reminder of increasing cyclone frequency due to global warming, urging preparedness.