Top 8 deepest river in the world

Congo River's Majesty

Africa's lifeline, the Congo River, stands as the world's deepest at 720 feet.

Yangtze's Depth 

China's Yangtze River, the jewel of Asia, plunges to a depth of 656 feet. 

Danube's Deep Flow 

Europe's Danube River, rich in history, reaches depths of 584 feet. 

Zambezi's Depths 

Africa's Zambezi River, known for its power, descends to 381 feet. 

Amazon's Vast Depths 

The Amazon, a South American wonder, boasts a depth of 328 feet. 

Mekong's Deep Currents 

Asia's Mekong River, lifeblood of many, flows deeply at 328 feet. 

Yellow River's Depths 

China's Yellow River, cradle of civilization, has a depth of 262 feet. 

North America's Deep Rivers 

St. Lawrence and Hudson, with depths of 250 and 216 feet, showcase North America's aquatic diversity.