Top 8 Largest Forests in the world

Amazon Rainforest

Spanning 5.5 million km², a biodiversity haven supporting climate stability and indigenous communities.

Congo Rainforest 

Home to gorillas and elephants, stretching 3.7 million km² with vital ecosystem services. 

New Guinea Rainforest 

Covers 70% of the island, housing 13,000 plant species and unique animal life. 

Appalachian Rainforest 

Encompassing 350,000 km², a hotspot with over 2,000 tree species and diverse wildlife. 

Valdivian Temperate Rainforest 

Spanning 250,000 km², known for endemic species like the ancient Alerce tree. 

Atlantic Forest 

Hosting 20,000 plant species, this fragmented forest is crucial for rare wildlife. 

Tongass Forest 

The largest U.S. national forest, vital for carbon storage and diverse ecosystems. 

Daintree Rainforest 

One of Earth's oldest forests, a 1,200 km² area rich in unique flora and fauna.