Which is the tiniest bird in the world?

Bee Hummingbird

At just 5.5 cm, the Bee Hummingbird from Cuba tops the list as the smallest bird.

Esmeraldas Woodstar

Second smallest at 6.4 cm, this vibrant purple-throated hummingbird thrives on Ecuador's Pacific coast.

Calliope Hummingbird

 The Calliope, migrating across North America, is the third smallest at 7 cm.

Costa’s Hummingbird

With a length of 7.6 cm, it's known for its astonishing purple cap and throat.

Pale-billed Flowerpecker

This 8 cm bird, thriving on nectar, is among the tiniest yet most vibrant.


Matching at 8 cm, the Weebill is noted for its powerful voice and small size.

Cape Penduline Tit

Also 8 cm, known for its ingenious nest-building skills in South Africa's shrublands.

Goldcrest and Firecrest

At 9 cm and 9.3 cm, these tiny birds bring Europe's forests to life with their presence.